Music, music, music!

 Sep, 06 - 2013   Uncategorized

The sales team is made up of several cool cats with varying musical tastes. As you can imagine, music is what drives the team while looking at numbers, picking content, typing back-and-forth with affiliates and networks and talking people to death about our high-paying programs! Being at a loss for something interesting to post about, I decided to ask the team what they were listening to, currently.


Brandon, Affiliate/Network Manager:
Ruff Draft

Amanda, Media Buyer:
The Dead Weather!/s/I+Cut+Like+A+Buffalo/4yPBc5?src=5
The Fitness!/s/Username/3Bdm7C?src=5 

Dane, Media Buyer:
Lana Del Rey
Hardwell & Dyro
Baauer & Just Blaze

Tofu, Affiliate Specialist:
On The Clock 2.0


What are YOU listening to?