WebcamClub raises payouts to $4 PPL!

 Jun, 05 - 2013   Uncategorized

So, the bar has been raised and in an effort to stay competitive, the sales team got together and decided to raise PPL payouts for to $4!
This will be the second time we’ve raised payouts, this year. This rate is permanent, not promotional.

Affiliates and Publishers are seeing success promoting our Cams Classified landing page. Give it a try (affiliates are not required to use this landing page)!


$4 Pay Per Lead is DOI (double opt-in) and pays on our top tier countries; United States, Canada and Australia. Leads sent have no gender restrictions, but qualifying members must be 22 years of age, or older (qualify your traffic, appropriately). This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your cam revenue.

Alternatively, you may be qualified to take advantage of our PPS+ payout. This is a special payout that is very friendly to those affiliates that may be new to the business. In this scenario, we pay you $3 Per Lead AND $75 Per Sale, simultaneously!

To take full advantage of these wonderful new payout options, you must contact the webcamclub Affiliate Specialist, Tofu: or
Skype: DG_Tofu
ICQ: 326504783
Twitter: tofu916