Guide To Master Mobile Marketing With These Simple Tips:

 Mar, 12 - 2013   Uncategorized

As technology advances and more people begin to prefer browsing the internet from their mobile devices, savvy online marketers are capitalizing on this popular trend by launching mobile campaigns to get very targeted and inexpensive visitors into their sales funnel.

If you are currently not running Mobile campaigns then you are missing out on a huge opportunity, it’s just as easy as running a web based campaign and here are some solid tips to push you in the right direction.

  • Reduce image sizes and content to make sure your website loads fast for mobile device visitors.
  • Do not use any complicated coding as many cellular phones lack the ability to process anything more then simple HTML.
  • Load times on mobile devices are crucial, use a fast server to host your landing pages and take in consideration that many users browse on Edge, 2G, 3G, 4G speeds.
  • Not everyone is using a SmartPhone, the majority of the population still only have access to feature phones especially in different parts of the globe.
  • You must target and optimize by Manufacturer, OS, Device, and Model which comes down to having a solid mobile tracking solution.

Right now Adult Marketers are driving millions of clicks a day purchasing mobile ads on many of the popular adult traffic networks that you may already be buying web based ads on.

Tuan from has put together a very detailed guide from start to finish on how to properly setup and optimize a profitable adult mobile campaign.

Tuan explains where to purchase adult mobile advertising, how to structure your campaigns to get started, how to scale them for maximum profits, and how to crush competition in the adult mobile marketing space.

You can read this detailed guide and learn more by visiting here: