Dating Gold's February News & Hot Promos

 Feb, 01 - 2009   Newsletter

Let us just say we started 2009 with a bang. Last month, we became the Diamond Sponsor of Internext in Las Vegas. We appreciate those who stopped by our sky box and talked business with us. Last week, we attended the XBIZ Conference in LA and came back with an XBIZ Award for Dating Program of the Year!

This is our first win and we were very proud of it. We thank you as one of our loyal affiliates who contributed to our success. We always strive to continue our effort to provide the best service for our affiliates, and hopefully we can win it again next year.

Here are a few highlighted marketing tool developments we would like to share with you:

Advanced RSS Feeds for WebCamClub

These are more than just a simple RSS feed. We have taken this to the next level adn made it even easier to integrate our webcams into any medium you could want. We have created a custom PHP parser class for these that makes coding against the information provided simple and easy.

These feeds incorporate every aspect of the models data including complete profile informations, all model photos, category niches, and even links to free chat, private shows, and voyeur shows.

We have also laid out this information in a way that makes it very easy for any programmer to start implementation right away by providing the PHP parser class and providing online demo’s of what you can do with this data on the front end.

With these advanced feeds combined with the ability to create your own custom co-branded site we have increased the integration ability with your brand and made it easier to integrate webcams into your platform in any visual manner you would like. Although this all sounds too advanced, please note this is still a normal RSS feed. We also provide a PHP class that already has all the parsing built in.

IM Pop up tool for both WebCamClub and AmateurMatch

We have released an advanced IM popup tool for affiliates to use in promoting WebCamClub or their co-branded website. You can customize the popup to your liking with options like selecting the skin to use for the different messenger types, niche model selection, live moving cams, landing page selection, and lots of timer settings for more control over how its displayed and controlled for your traffic.

New AmateurMatch Google Landing Page

Some of our affiliates have started using this landing page and the result has been phenomenal. If you would like to test it please contact your affiliate rep for details.

Did you get the chance to check out our new We will be using this blog so you can find news updates, press releases, announcements and special promotions there. The blog was also created to keep the communication open and interactive between our valued affiliates and us. Please be sure to subscribe, we welcome any ideas or feedback which will assist us in making this blog more useful to you.




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